Employee growth is company growth.


  • Creative Thinking : A person who pursues change with creative ideas. Intense and tenacity: a person who achieves his goal through persistence and perseverance.
    Positive thinking : A person with positive thinking
    Positive thinking : A person with positive thinking
    Be assiduous in one's honesty : Diligent person
    Cooperation : A person who works with each other to find a better way to do it.
    Self-development : who is committed to self-development through constant learning.

■ Moodeung People have a dry mind


- Consciousness of the person providing the service (other than myself, the customer)

- Professional spirit: No. 1 spirit. / Reward for fair work.

- The idea of representing a job

- Personalization of kindness (bright facial expression, smile and cheerful voice)

- The workplace is where you try to grow up and achieve economic and spiritual independence (becoming an expert)  


Good quality

- Vocational awareness : Solving economic problems and self-real

- Nomenclature : Calling (Job, Profession, Vocation, Occupation) 

enthusiasm for work

- Second home : A painting of self-realization, the home of life

- My development is job development and job development is my development (lost job)

- A workplace is a place to maintain and develop mutual relationships through work

- Learning about the sense of community through cooperation and formation of relationships between superiors, seniors and colleagues

progressive thinking 

- Quality consciousness : misinterpreted on documents, missing report, random change of appointment, etc.

- Cost awareness : recognition of the purpose of an enterprise (profit practice, social contribution, sustained growth)

- Time-conscious : A plan without a schedule is not a plan, and an unplanned plan is a plan for failure.

- Improving : Problem consciousness (what is the problem in the company?) and why?

- Consciousness : Consciousness, enthusiasm and compassion

- Management Awareness : Perform PDCA Cycles, check the planned work (scheduled), and check the work performed (results)